How to Find Good Concrete Contractors

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If you are about to lay the foundation of a new basement than hiring a good concrete contractor is a paramount decision. The foundation of your basement serves as an important structural support of your home. If the job is not done right it could lead to serious problems. Luckily, finding a good concrete contractor follows the same rules as hiring any type of contractor. All you have to do is approach it the right way.

Ratings and Reviews

The first place to look is ratings and reviews. The online reputation of company tells you all you need to know. If the company is reliable the reviews will show it. If the company is trustworthy the ratings will declare it. Bad contractors are followed by a smelly cloud of dissatisfaction. So if a company’s online presence is nothing but ranting consumers and low ratings stay away.


Once you have found three or four trustworthy companies with strong reputations it is time to take a closer look. Credentials are the first stop as proper licensing and insurance is required to legally operate a concrete service. A service lacking the necessary credentials can leave you liable for any damage done to your home or injury accrued by the contractors.

Ask for Referrals

Another part of up close and personal vetting is asking for referrals. Legitimate contractors will always have referrals available from consumers and respected companies. These referrals back up their reliability and admonish them for their professionalism. A company lacking referrals may not have anyone willing to promote them which is a danger sign.


When looking for a reliable concrete service to aid your basement construction Hanover PA., it is important to get quotes from all prospective services. Quotes not only alert you to overall price but they also say a lot about the company issuing them. If a company quotes you without looking at your property it is a warning sign. It means they are more interested in money rather than service. A good company quotes you on exactly what you need because they take a look at the space.


Cost is an important factor for any type of work. The mistake to avoid is going with a company because they are the cheapest. If a service quotes you lower than all the other companies find out why. If they quote higher also investigate a little. The reasons could be deal breakers or deal makers depending on the “why” of the situation. The price may be lower because of an ongoing special. The price may be higher because the service includes extra added elements.

Pay Them a Visit

One extra thing you can do to properly vet a contractor is visit a work site. Most concrete services will have pictures of their completed work, but you can verify the validity of such photos by seeing a site in person. If the work looks good and you see no problems than the service is probably a good choice. Additionally, the service should be more than happy to direct you to a recent job site.

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